« Securitas acquires a majority stake in g+m elektronik AG »

Securitas Group Switzerland is taking over g+m elektronik AG in Oberbüren in the canton of St. Gallen. The enterprise in eastern Switzerland with 60 employees develops manufactures and distributes acoustic systems for evacuation purposes, as well as acoustic and clock systems. g+m elektronik AG will thus become a part of the group which has been the epitome of security since 1907 and has made a name for itself with services and system solutions in Switzerland, Europe and beyond.

g+m elektronik AG has achieved a leading position in the market of voice alarm systems and has extended its activities technologically and geographically since 1969. Today, the enterprise operates in security markets throughout Europe and the Middle East together with its subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands and many export partners.

Solution concepts for fire detection and electro-acoustic emergency alerts have been merging more frequently because every second counts in the event of a fire, its detection and subsequent evacuation. Building regulations are increasingly requiring standardised (EN54-16) voice alarm systems coupled with fire alarm systems, which has resulted in a growing demand for combined solutions.

This demand has already been met by jointly the enterprises of Securitas Group and g+m elektronik AG in the recent past. The good basis of cooperation has led to discussions with Remo Gori, the owner and managing director of g+m elektronik AG, who wants to arrange for his succession at an early stage and in a sustainable manner. It has been agreed to pursue a common goal and to combine the strengths of g+m with those of Securitas Group. Remo Gori will remain managing director and chairman of the board of g+m elektronik AG.

Thanks to the partnership with g+m, Securiton (CH/D), Hekatron Vertriebs GmbH (D), Schrack Seconet (A) as well as the numerous export partners of the alarm and security systems business unit of the Swiss Securitas Group will be able to provide a consistent, high-quality solution for voice alarms.

g+m elektronik AG and Securitas Group Switzerland are looking forward to providing security markets with cutting edge technology solutions. The Swiss group for security welcomes the clients, distribution partners and employees of g+m elektronik AG.


« The Swiss Securitas Group acquires a majority share of Listec GmbH »

The Swiss Securitas Group takes over the Listec GmbH located in Isen near Munich retroactively as of 1 January 2014. The enterprise is a leading developer and manufacturer of sensor cables for temperature monitoring. Listec GmbH with its 30 employees is joining an enterprise group that has been the epitome of safety and security since 1907 and has earned a reputation as a high-quality service and system solutions provider in Switzerland, Europe and beyond. 

The previous shareholder and director Peter Schenkenhofer will actively participate in the integration process into the Swiss enterprise group and will remain a partner and managing director of Listec GmbH in future, too. The Munich technology enterprise will keep its independent corporate identity, its 30 employees and thus its cutting-edge expertise. 

For Listec GmbH affiliation with the leading Swiss safety and security enterprise will open promising synergies and attractive distribution channels. Its high-quality line type heat detectors will be distributed in Germany by Listec GmbH itself and in Switzerland by Securiton. For international marketing the existing global partner networks of Listec GmbH and the Securitas Group will coordinate their efforts. 

This merger benefits customers, intermediaries and employees of both enterprises. The Securitas Group and its business unit ‚Alarm and Security Systems‘ provide the know-how and long-standing experience in complex safety and security solutions. Listec GmbH contributes significant quality in the area of special fire detection technology to this extensive expertise. Listec products are state-of-the-art in fire protection for tunnels, industrial facilities, energy generation and production as well as all kinds of hazardous areas. 

Listec GmbH and the Swiss Securitas Group are looking forward to providing the safety and security markets in Europe and beyond with leading technological products. 

The Swiss safety and security enterprise welcomes the customers, distribution partners and employees of Listec GmbH and looks forward to the joint development of ground-breaking safety and security solutions.