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Surveillance services

On their rounds in buildings and sites, guards ensure security and respond to irregularities. A modern guard concept also includes control of the security technology in addition to operational and production-related checks. The observant surveillance specialists are highly trained, supported by operations centres and ensure quality in order to prevent potential damage.

Event services

Security-related planning, coordination and staging of events of all sizes and types is in good hands with us. When it comes to access checks, maintaining order, guarding, traffic control and escorting visitors, our security staff play a decisive role. They support the public's sense of security and the success of the event.

Security services

However an increased threat is expressed, public-order teams, building guards or armed executive protection provide highly qualified security. Thanks to excellent training and wide experience, they protect both people and property.

Traffic services

How important mobility is in everyday life becomes evident when it does not function. Traffic-service staff ensure better traffic flow on roads, fair treatment in parking areas and security at railway construction sites. 

Intervention and control centre services

Professional security means reacting rapidly at any time. Intervention teams guarantee this readiness. 24-hour operations centres take on rapid-response tasks and secure back-up for uniformed staff in action.

Investigation services

Specialists are employed for identifying symptoms of violence at major events and for investigations in the area of insurance abuse or suspicious circumstances relating to employment law. In cases of suspicion they seek to provide solid proof.

Document and data-carrier destruction

Discreet and secure destruction of confidential documents or data is of relevance for security technology. Experts in secure disposal ensure the collection, transport, destruction and recycling of the sensitive material.

Alarm reception

Professional alarm centres form the hub of security information. They process reports from alarm and monitoring systems and call in intervention forces.

Risk management

Complex security requirements demand a broadly-based approach to the solution. Our specialists record and assess risks, work out security concepts and put these into practice.

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